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Yes, you can have dessert! And with these low-calorie options, guilt-free never tasted so good. 


Vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free non-dairy junk food? 

Coco Sticks

Decadent chocolate cake pops topped with fresh coconut and assorted flavored nuts, will leave you eating off a 'stick' and devouring these vegan, sugar and gluten free treats all day long. The only thing better than a decadent fudge brownie is eating it as a cake pop off 'stick' for a healthy guilty free indulgence everytime!

Moose Pie

Eat more fudge chocolate brownies, topped with a luscious chocolate frosting and crunch nut sprinkling will leave all your senses exploding with flavor! Melted chocolate dripped down the sides with every bite will only tease you for more. Chocolate lovers will rejoice with these rich ooey gooey sticky chocolate fudge delight that will satiate every chocolate craving. Vegan, sugar-free and gluten free non-dairy healthy delights.

Strawberry Dip

Ripened sweet organic strawberries, dipped in homemade melted chocolate is the ultimate 'Dessert after Dark'. Luscious decadent dipped strawberries, bursting with flavor and melted nutrient-dense chocolate will transport you to another atmosphere! Fresh ripened strawberries, combined with antioxidant rich chocolate, will make you say, 'Chocolate dreams do come true"!

Cookie Cocktail

Sweet soft, crispy all natural healthy chocolate chip almond cookies will have you grapping these nutrient dense snack size bites by the handful. So rich and decadent, these exquisitely topped ' chocolate almond joys' create the perfect harmony  between sweet chocolate and crunchy savory almond bites. Share with your friends and family and they'll never know these 'little chocolate chip cuties' are just as good for you as it tastes. Gluten free, vegan and sugar free in every savory bite!

More Coming Soon

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